Ruse de Guerre

A little while ago Glenn Pearce, the writer of a set of rules published by Baccus, was kind enough to let me join in and take some photos of one of his house games, which this time was the battle of Orthez.

Battle of Orthez

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, with some reservations. I felt the bidding mechanic and game played by the commanders didn’t really relate to any decisions that I could imagine a commander making and assigning tempo with penalties from the full physical distance of the chain of command didn’t seem quite right either. Both slowed the game down significantly, but the commanders of each army seemed to enjoy the challenge and in a large game that’s important too.

The mechanics of moving and firing, on the other hand, were straightforward and worked well for me. Overall, though I’d be willing to try it again, and see if it doesn’t click more on a second try. Perhaps with a smaller battle.

You can take a look at the whole album here.


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